Serving the Homeless with Compassion and Respect

Deaths from homelessness or hypothermia were reduced to zero from 2008 to 2012

People are homeless for many reasons. Twenty-five people died on our streets in 2005-06 and 24 in 2006-07. Existing agencies were overwhelmed. The faith communities of Santa Fe were moved to provide a winter emergency shelter, through a largely volunteer effort.

Our core mission:

  • To treat all people with respect, honor and dignity.
  • To assist homeless people with literacy/GED tutoring, employment strategies, and follow through.
  • To collaborate with social service and governmental agencies.

Today over 2,000 volunteers from forty-three faith communities and community groups join in providing overnight shelter, food, and other necessities from November through April and showers and clothing year round. We also work with other agencies in the Santa Fe Resource and Opportunity Center to provide additional services for the homeless.

In 2012-13 we provided 12,597 “bed nights,” a hot dinner and cold breakfast to 968 homeless men and women. (A bed night is one person for one night.)

You are invited to join us by: