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Serving the Homeless with Compassion and Respect

Preventable deaths from homelessness or hypothermia were reduced to zero from 2008 to 2015

People are homeless for many reasons. Twenty-five people died on our streets in 2005-06 and 24 in 2006-07. Existing agencies were overwhelmed. The faith communities of Santa Fe were moved to provide a winter emergency shelter through a largely volunteer effort.

Our mission: Working with volunteers and community groups, we provide short-term survival services, as well as active service experiences for volunteers, and additional long-term services in collaboration with the City of Santa Fe and local service provider partners.

Today over 2,000 volunteers from 43 faith communities and community groups have joined in providing overnight shelter and food from late October through early May. We also provide a hot lunch, showers, and clothing year-round on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we work with other agencies to provide additional services for the homeless throughout the year at “Pete’s Place.”

In the 2014-15 winter season we provided 17,570 “bed nights,” a hot dinner, and a cold breakfast to 1,097 homeless men and women. (A bed night is one person for one night.) In addition, another 3,892 individuals were provided with dinner only for a total of 39,032 dinners and breakfasts served.

During 2014-15, the year-round “One-Stop” provided 15,214 free lunches; 204 referrals to Life Link for substance abuse, behavioral health counseling, and housing; 134 referrals to the Veterans Administration’s counseling and housing program; 537 referrals to Healthcare for the Homeless for medical care and screening; and 89 referrals to Santa Fe Community Services for harm reduction and case management.  Participants received 37,672 items of free clothing from the Community Closet, and 4,199 showers.

In the last six months, working together as the “One-Stop,” ICS and our partners assisted 56 homeless people in getting into permanent housing and 58 more helped onto a path to housing.

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Our Guests Who Died in 2015

We remember you. We remember you, who were one of us—the people of Pete’s Place. We remember you for your presence in our shelter community and in the larger community of Santa Fe. We remember your laughter, your tears, your friendship, your troubles. We remember something you said to us one day that eased our suffering, or made us giggle, or caused us to stop and see that we are truly kin. We remember you, because you changed our lives. Thank you.

* Abel M., age 33
* Shanta D., age 36
* Samantha S., age 38
* Gordon K., age 72, he was a veteran
* Tom S., age 37
* Andrew R., age 62
* Robert K. AKA “Pappy”, age 72
* Robert D., age 49
* John R., age 38
* Abel P. AKA “Spanky”, age 52
* Melissa T. , age 52
* Danny J., age 66
* Delila G., age 40
* Danny V., age 57
* Vincent R., age 56
* Kami K., age 47
* Janeen N., age 53
* George Vincent W., age 66
* Alan C., age 51
* Marty H., age 47
* Charlie V., age 56
* Emmett S., age 39
* Richard M., age 56
* Donna O., age 57
* Unknown